SEO Jobs and Salary in Bangladesh

SEO Jobs in Bangladesh

From my experience, the types of SEO jobs available in Bangladesh are within marketing. SEO experts are those who study and master search engine algorithms. They study the facts and rules behind search engine results. With this information, they work to earn money by helping clients put their page on search engine results. 

The majority of SEO consultant in Bangladesh prefer to stay in the marketing field and use their skills in digital marketing to enhance their careers. There are 6 most popular types of SEO jobs available in Bangladesh for both newbies who intend to carve a career in SEO and professionals who already have a thriving career. I will be discussing these SEO career options in this article. 

What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization. It is a concept that grew with the digital era. It has been in existence for over a decade. Search engine optimization is the key that helps website owners thrive and get attention on search engines. Examples of search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. There are several reasons why website owners opt for SEO. The reason includes:

  • To Get Organic Traffic

SEO is the main source of organic traffic in digital marketing. Organic traffic has a higher chance of becoming leads when compared to traffic from sponsored ads. 

  • To Rank High On Search Engines

A good way for your website to appear on top of search engine results is to make use of SEO. According to research, there are millions of websites, all competing for the top page on search engine results. Good SEO practices are one way to beat the competition and get there. 

  • Getting Products And Services Across To The Target Audience

When your content is fully optimized for search engines using the right keywords, then your content will rank high. Your content will more likely get clicks from those who search for the target keywords.

Types of SEO Jobs Available in Bangladesh

For Bangladesh SEO experts, the market is quite vast. Below are a couple of jobs you can do if you are an SEO specialist in Bangladesh.  

  1. Search Engine Marketer

SEM is also similar to SEO, and it is a branch of marketing that mainly deals with paid ads. To be an SEM, you will have to acquire knowledge and skills in Pay Per Click marketing, customer relations, and advertising. The job of an SEM mainly involves marketing your content to search engines as well as to customers. 

As an SEO expert, you can branch into paid search to be able to earn more. According to PayScale, an SEM expert in Bangladesh earn up to BDT 64,000 per month Having a mastery of AdWord both for Google and Bing is an added advantage. 

  1. Marketing Consultant

Another area where SEO experts can fit is the area of marketing consultants. With your knowledge of SEO, you would be able to work with companies as a marketing consultant to improve their marketing strategy. You can work with the marketing and planning committee of an organization to provide solutions to their marketing needs. 

If you are strategy driven, you can help evaluate their marketing strategy and provide effective solutions. The average salary for a marketing consultant is BDT 29,000 per month. 

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one way you can increase your earnings and broaden your knowledge. 

As a digital marketing SEO expert, your job involves handling different types of online marketing. This type of SEO job for Bangladeshi freelancers involves the implementation of all SEO strategies, including content planning. It also involves working with content creators. 

To be successful in this field, you will have to learn to utilize social media algorithms. You must be conversant with advertising platforms. 

Skills in web communication and strategic marketing will be an added advantage. A digital marketing expert earns as much as 39,509 BDT per month

2. Market Analyst

Market analysis is one of the types of SEO jobs available in Bangladesh. The key responsibilities in this field include generating market-based reports and forecasts using numbers and available data. 

Qualification in market research, strategy, and analysis would be an added advantage. A marketing analyst in Bangladesh earns around 28,000 BDT per month

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing requires skills in SEO. This type of SEO involves creating content, videos, graphics, reports, etc. Content marketing involves working directly on content and optimizing them for search engines. 

Content marketers can also work as part of the marketing team of an organization. 

A content marketer earns an average salary of 13,600 BDT to 47,100 BDT per month.

4. SEO Management

An SEO expert can find SEO manager jobs in Bangladesh. Proper SEO requires a team to handle different aspects of the job. A team would benefit from the knowledge of an SEO manager.

To be an SEO manager, you must have extensive knowledge of SEO areas. This job would be suitable for you if you are detail-oriented. An SEO manager earns an average of 29,800 BDT.

How To Find SEO Jobs In Bangladesh

If you are new in this field, you might be wondering where to find jobs so you can start earning. Here are two places where you can find SEO jobs.

  • Job Boards

There are a lot of job boards these days where you can find jobs. Job boards are one of the easiest places you can look. These places already have clients advertising open positions. All you have to do is send in your proposal. Examples of job boards are; Truelancer, upworks, etc. 

  • Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms have gone beyond being places for entertainment. You cannot only find SEO jobs there, you can also find groups and pages for SEO experts such as yourself where you can share ideas, learn and grow. 


SEO has come to stay. It is one very important aspect of digital marketing that website owners use to stay on top of search engine results. It is also one major source of generating organic lead.

If you are looking to go into SEO, there are various types of SEO jobs available in Bangladesh. You can opt for the one that best matches your skills and area of strength. There are also platforms where you can find these types of SEO jobs in Bangladesh as well as gain experience and start earning.

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