SEO professional's salary in Bangladesh

SEO professional’s salary in Bangladesh

Have you thought of mastering the technique of promoting a business in the digital world? Many candidates are interested in learning Search Engine Optimization strategies to work as SEO professionals.

In fact, without SEO, no business website can reach its potential customers in the online world. So, if you are looking for a lucrative career path, you can prepare yourself to become an SEO expert in Bangladesh. But, how much will you earn as an SEO professional in this country? It is better to have an idea before you move forward.

An average salary of an SEO professional in Bangladesh is about 29800 BDT. The salary may range from 13700 BDT to 47400 BDT. The lowest figure is revealed after a survey. There is no legal rule on the minimum wage for SEO specialists. Your experience, education, skills, and some other factors cause a variation in the salary. According to a study, 25% of SEO managers in the country earn below 23000 BDT, whereas 75% of the professionals in the same field earn more.


Different positions in the SEO industry

SEO trainee– SEO trainees are engaged in entry-level SEO jobs, and so, they will receive only a minimal amount. They get the opportunity to learn more from their seniors. You can also start your career as an SEO trainee in a top-rated company. 

SEO Analyst– The SEO analysts are responsible for searching for keywords. They identify the trending keywords and work consistently to develop quality content. They also optimize the website’s landing pages for better performance in organic searches. 

SEO Strategist– As an SEO strategist, you have to analyze, review, and implement different SEO techniques for optimizing a website. You should combine various SEO strategies to boost website visibility. Your responsibility is to analyze the website performance regularly and modify your strategy to boost conversion. 

SEO Consultant– The responsibilities of SEO consultants are planning, implementation, and management of SEO strategies of a company. From link building to web marketing, everything is managed by SEO consultants. These professionals deal with different projects, as they know the use of SEO tools. 

Experience in SEO and the salary level

Your experience in the SEO field is one of the major factors in determining the salary. It is natural that when you gain more experience, you will earn more. Let us learn about the average salary of SEO associates according to their experience level.

  • 0 to 2 years– If your experience is less than 2 years, your annual earnings will be around 137400 BDT.
  • 2 to 5 years– With this experience level, you have a chance of earning 183600 BDT per annum.
  • 5 to 10 years– Your annual income will be 268900 BDT.
  • 10 to 15 years– With more than 10 years of experience, you will earn 327800 BDT.
  • 15 to 20 years– The salary will reach 357700 BDT.
  • More than 20 years– Your yearly income will be 386400 BDT.

So, if you continue working in the field, you will have an opportunity to earn a high salary.

Academic qualifications and salary as SEO professionals

Your education is another factor making a difference in your salary as SEO professional. Of course, a higher education degree will help you in securing a high-paying job. So, how much will you earn with your current degree? 

Diploma or certificate: As an SEO professional with a certificate degree in Bangladesh, your average earnings will be 157600 BDT.

Bachelor’s degree: If you have pursued a Bachelor’s course, you will earn 243000 BDT per annum.

Master’s degree: With a Master’s degree, SEO specialists in Bangladesh earn around 409000 BDT.

Of course, the company where you get the job has its own pay scale. So, this factor will affect the salary of SEO professionals across Bangladesh. Reputed companies can pay a higher amount to their SEO managers. 

Does gender affect the salary of SEO professionals?

There must not be a pay gap between female and male SEO specialists. But, in some professions, you can notice a slight difference in the salary of men and women. From a survey, it has been found that a female SEO professional earns around 237400 BDT, whereas the males earn about 288100 BDT. However, some companies may not make gender discrimination, and you will find equality in salary. 

How will your salary increase as an SEO specialist in Bangladesh?

Like other professions, SEO jobs give you a chance for a salary increment. Your average pay will raise by 7% every 2 to 3 years. On a national level, the average pay scale increases by 5% in 2 years.

Bonus packages for SEO professionals in Bangladesh

If you get employed as an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, you will get incentives as a dedicated employee.

Your employer may give different types of incentives.

  • Bonuses based on your performance- If you can show exceptional performance, you will receive incentives from your employer.
  • Performance-based on the company- Many reliable companies in Bangladesh like to celebrate their surplus profits and earnings by offering incentives to employees. In this case, the bonus amount will be different for every individual depending on the position in the company.
  • Goal-based incentives- Receive a bonus when a certain goal is achieved.
  • Holiday bonus- It is another type of bonus received at the end of the year. You can consider it a token of appreciation.

In the SEO field, there are different levels of professionals. So, you will receive your salary and bonus based on your current level. For instance, an SEO associate receives a low bonus, while other high-level SEO specialists gain more lucrative bonuses.

The location also affects the average salary of SEO specialists in Bangladesh. According to a source, the highest salary in this field is in Rajshahi, one of the biggest metropolitan cities in Bangladesh. Again, the salary is comparatively low in Chandpur and other similar areas in Bangladesh. 

So, you now have a clear idea of the salary ranges of SEO professionals in Bangladesh. You can choose SEO as your career field and get established as an SEO Consultant in Bangladesh

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