Freelancer card for freelancers in Bangladesh

All about the Freelancer card for freelancers in Bangladesh

Have you chosen freelancing as your chosen career paths in Bangladesh? However, some freelancing markets are still untapped. That is why the Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society and ICT division have taken a shame. They have introduced a digital card, which is h free ID card. Freelancers can use the card for professional purposes. Let us talk more about freelancer cards in Bangladesh.

What has led to the introduction of the freelancer card?

Startup Bangladesh, BFDS (Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society), and the ICT Division of the government have worked together to help freelancers have unique work certificates. Especially BFDS has strived to give proper recognition to freelancers. Although the initiative was taken privately in the beginning, the administrative body has been working on it for a considerable time. BFDS has focused on the technical aspects of the issue.

It has been noticed that the freelancers receive a large amount of remittance. However, it is not possible to calculate it rightly due to the lack of proper direction.

Besides, freelancers in Bangladesh have been facing several problems, and the introduction of the card will solve them. The card is virtual, but you can also print it out.

A government-issued ID card will give you the potential for career growth, accreditation, and personal branding. The government in Bangladesh has decided to provide more facilities to help freelancers grab a strong position in the international market. 

Are you qualified to apply for the freelancer card in Bangladesh?

It is to be noted that you do not need to work as a freelancer to receive the card. You may be an affiliate marketer, a blogger, or a digital marketer. You can still apply for the card. The most important thing to ensure your eligibility is your income report. It is also essential to prove that you get foreign remittance. 

What conditions should you fulfill to obtain the card?

  • Your citizenship in Bangladesh
  • You currently work in a digital marketplace.
  • Your income proof

The freelancer ID card is intended for-

  • Freelancers working individually- You manage your freelance projects on your own.
  • Owner of a freelancer team- You have a small group of freelancers (up to 15 members).
  • Member of a freelancer team- You have joined a freelancer team.

 What documents should you submit to apply for a freelancer ID card?

  • Online payment account statement of Payoneer or other gateways.
  • Remittance Certificate
  • Bank Account Statement
  • Account statement related to freelancing marketplace


You may provide any document to prove your earnings as a freelancer. The document should reveal-

  • Your earnings in the last year
  • Your clear identity
  • Valid authorization
  • Transaction date, ID, title, and description

Steps to apply for your freelance ID card in Bangladesh

Your first step is to visit You can then input details like your name, phone number, and email ID. Hit the Signup button and receive a confirmation email.

After verifying yourself, you can access the dashboard of Freelancers Bangladesh. There are different tabs for your future purposes. The most commonly chosen tabs are Events, Freelancers ID, Banking, Tutorials, Mentor Marketplace, Community, and Special Offers.

You can move to the tab- Freelancers ID and click the Apply Now option. The screen will show you some questions, and you have to answer them correctly. These questions may be about your skills, career, certificates, and some other relevant issues.

Hit the Submit button after answering the questions. You will be asked to pay the application charge via email. So, you have to check your email for updates regularly. By clicking on the payment link, you may pay the amount via Rocket or bKash.

After 2 to 3 days, you will receive an email that requests you to submit documents, such as, bank statements, payment details, and Payoneer transactions. Download the report on the transaction and deliver it to the email sender.

The department will check the data you have submitted and your initial input. Another email is sent to confirm your eligibility. Your Freelancers ID and Card are downloadable. You may also use hard paper for the printout.

What are the advantages of owning a freelancer ID card in Bangladesh?

A government-registered ID is highly useful when receiving a credit card from any bank. Freelancers can also use it during their passport-visa application. Besides, the ID card might be the best tool to grab a  incentive offered by the government. 

The online portal,, will come with more innovative features like Freelancers Welfare. So, freelancers get a lot of personal benefits from using the card. But, this card also gives the government authentic information about freelancers’ income.

Does the freelancer card have lifetime validity?

With the approval of your application, the government will issue a virtual freelancer ID card. It remains valid for a year, and you can update your card details after this period. But, your request for an update will be treated as the new application. So, you have to undergo the same process for verification. 

More facts about the freelancer card in Bangladesh

  • Your bank statement helps in verifying the income details you have provided.
  • Suppose your minimum income is $1000 dollars. Still, there is a chance of getting your application rejected if you have no account of the said dollar amount through the bank.
  • You must not provide the wrong information while registering for the freelancer ID card in Bangladesh.
  • Your registration fee is 1500 BDT, and you can pay it by MFS or card.
  • In case of the cancellation of the registration, you will receive a refund.
  • You have to provide a statement of the amount of money sent by your foreign client.
  • If the information is inaccurate, you will receive the digital card within a week.
  • In some cases, the authority may contact you through video calling.

 So, you can now apply for your freelancer card in Bangladesh. The card also allows regulators to identify the financial status of freelancers across the country. You may visit the government’s official website to learn more about this card. 

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