Top Five Dual Currency Card For Bangladeshi Freelancers

Top Five Dual Currency Card For Bangladeshi Freelancers

EBL Aqua Prepaid Card, SIBL Dual Prepaid Card, Exim Bank Prepaid Card, Southeast Bank Prepaid Card and Midland Bank Prepaid Card are the top five dual currency cards for Bangladeshi freelancers. When getting a dual currency card, it is important to choose one that will serve the purpose and ensure a hassle-free transaction.  

Along with many other benefits they offer, these cards are easily accessible and easy to use. There are a lot of banks offering dual currency cards in Bangladesh. As a freelancer hoping to acquire one of these cards, it is important to choose one of the best. In this article, I will discuss the benefits and types of dual currency cards available in Bangladesh.

What is a Dual Currency Card?

Dual Currency Card is a card that can be used locally and internationally to make transactions. Freelancers in Bangladesh now have the opportunity of owning a dual currency card and conduct transactions in both local and foreign currency using one card. The benefits of owning a dual currency card includes;

  • Convenience

A dual currency card for Bangladeshi freelancers enables you to shop from millions of e-commerce and online stores worldwide.

  • Spend In Foreign Currencies

You don’t have to visit money-changing houses when you are abroad. A dual currency card can allow both local currency and USD. 

  • Safety

You don’t have to risk carrying large amounts of cash around. With one of the five dual currency cards for Bangladeshi freelancers, you can pay in both local currency and USD. 

  • Competitive Foreign Exchange Rate

When compared to money-changing houses, these dual currency cards offer good exchange rates. This means you are offered more foreign currency in exchange for your local currency. 

Top Five Dual Currency Cards For Bangladeshi Freelancers.

Below are the top five dual-currency cards

1. EBL Aqua Prepaid Card

The EBL Aqua is from one of the leading banks in Bangladesh. It is one of the first to introduce dual currency cards for both Bangladesh’s national currency and USD.

These cards are easily obtainable from any of the branches of the bank. It works with both BDT and USD. This is a chip card that offers extra security and flexibility, enabling the Bangladesh freelancer to spend with ease. 

With this prepaid dual currency card, you can have 24/7 hours access to funds globally. You can also bank without even having a bank account. 

Additionally, this dual currency card offers you free withdrawal when you use an EBL ATM. It allows online bill payment, and it doesn’t charge you for reloading or transaction alerts. 

2. SIBL Dual Prepaid Card


This card is from Social Islami Bank Limited. This bank has started issuing dual currency prepaid cards to make its customers’ lives easier. 

As a Bangladesh freelancer, you can benefit from this card because it makes it easy to enjoy seamless transactions both in the national currency and USD. 

The card can be used at ATMs, e-commerce transactions and POS terminals. If you are a freelancer and a student, this card can be used to pay for tuition in foreign instructions.

For freelancers, this is particularly helpful because, with this card, online payment for registration and license can be made for Windows, Google, blackberry etc.

3. Exim Bank Prepaid Card

The card enables you to manage your money yourself. With this dual currency card for Bangladeshi freelancers, you can pay bills easily at POS and in shops. 

All you need to do is to load any amount you want in your card, and you can start spending. This dual currency card is available in Exim Bank. Just visit any branch to get one. 

It uses pin-based security to ensure safe transactions. The bank offers 24-hour customer service to provide support in case you need it. This card has a validity of 5 years. 

4. Southeast Bank Prepaid Card

With this, you won’t have to depend on money exchange houses. And as a freelancer, you would not need to carry cash around. It can be used for purchases or cash withdrawals at ATMs. You can also pay international bills like roaming bills for your phone. 

A good companion if you are planning to travel abroad. It can also be used to pay foreign tuition fees, admission fees, registration and examination, as well as visa processing fees. 

The card allows 100% withdrawal at the ATM. 

5. Midland Bank Prepaid Card

This is a dual currency card that can be used in Bangladesh as well as for convenient transactions abroad. The MDB is available to Bangladeshi freelancers in both local currency and US dollars. 

You can obtain this card at any branch of Midland Bank Limited. It allows you to shop from thousands of online stores and visa merchants worldwide. 

To obtain one of these cards, you don’t need a bank account or credit history. It can be acquired from over the counter. You won’t be charged for insurance. 

Disadvantages Of Dual Currency Card For Bangladeshi Freelancers

The top five dual currency cards for Bangladeshi freelancers are not without their drawbacks.

The following are some of the inconveniences of dual currency cards.

  • Some Destinations Prefer Cash

Despite owning a dual currency card, you may still need to get cash in some destinations that won’t accept a dual currency card.

  • Your Money May Be Stuck In Your Account

If there is an issue with the bank, your money may be stuck in your account.

  • The Exchange Rate May Not Be The Best 

When using a dual currency card, you may not get the best exchange rate when compared to other sources of foreign exchange. 


Despite the controversy over dual currency cards, there are still huge benefits to owning one. When compared with other foreign exchange methods, using a multi-currency card is still most preferred. 

There are a lot of dual cards issuing institutions. However, of the many dual currency cards issuing institutions available in Bangladesh, a freelancer should be careful to choose some of the top ones.

You will find the top 5 dual currency cards for Bangladeshi freelancers more convenient, reliable and easy to use. 


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