SEO Trends To Watch Out For Bangladeshi SEOs

Every year marketers try to strategize their investments and look for top-performing channels. However, SEO always gains a top priority for businesses in Bangladesh. Google regularly updates its algorithms to provide a better user experience. 

So, SEO is the most dynamic digital marketing field. Marketers have to analyze SEO trends in the country. It is essential to know the latest SEO trends in Bangladesh and refine your campaign accordingly.

Knowledge and expertise in the subject

 EAT acronym is one of the new trends in SEO. Google focuses on the expertise of the creator or author to determine the content quality. It means you should have hands-on experience and knowledge about the topic.

Audience-focused content- Not traffic-focused 

Google and other search bots in Bangladesh can easily determine whether the content is irrelevant to the visitors. For instance, a website on financial software should not publish cooking instructions. So, does your target audience in Bangladesh benefit from your content? 

Your digital marketers have to focus on the relevance of the content. It should also be related to your industry in Bangladesh.

You can use a content planning tool to develop the best content for our Bangladeshi website. After entering a keyword, the tool provides semantically relevant terms.

Satisfying and valuable content

The content you publish for your target audience in Bangladesh should be useful. Google always tries to provide users with top-rated content throughout its history. It means consumers should feel satisfied after clicking on the natural search result. But, it is challenging to measure user happiness. 

So, you have to consider target users while creating the content. You may work with a highly skilled content creator who develops content relevant to your website’s main topic.

But, how will you improve the content value? A simple analysis of the search volume of the keyword may not give you the desired result. You need to consider 

  • The type of content in search results
  • The amount of text on the website
  • Links appearing on the page

SEO for your product pages

If you have launched an eCommerce website for Bangladeshi consumers, your product pages should be SEO-friendly. Most often, these pages have shallow content. 

However, it is essential to add interesting elements to these pages because Google encourages only informative, long-form content. Drop-down menus, customer reviews, and FAQs are some additional content for your product page. Keywords are useful for writing product descriptions for your eCommerce website.

High-performing, fast-loading website

High-performing websites that load faster have a chance of achieving a better rank. In 2023, Core Web Vitals and Page Speed Insights are the best tools to monitor and evaluate the performance and speed of website’s in Bangladesh. 

Although content quality is important, you need to improve the speed of every page of your site.

Image SEO

Many websites in Bangladesh overlook images. However, visual content plays an important role in driving higher rank for image searches. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to add semantically-related terms and keywords to the content while creating Alt text.

Google wants to see schema markup and Alt text that enables crawlers to understand the image content easily. So, webmasters in Bangladesh should make the content highly accessible to users. Besides, Alt text is advantageous to those who have visual impairment. 

Alter CTR based on the SERP positions

In 2023, you have to know a new concept about ranking positions and CTR. Today, desktops and mobiles give endless scrolling opportunities to users in Bangladesh. So, users can scroll through several pages of the organic SERP results and find relevant content. 

You can notice a consistent relationship between CTR and ranking position. Most of the clicks go to the first few results. However, CTR causes a significant effect when searchers can navigate across different pages in the SERP result.

Perhaps, the biggest concern of marketers and website owners is zero-click searches. As the search engine has added search features and featured snippets, CTRs will not experience zero clicks. 

Although it is ideal to have a position on the first page, you can get clicks with a position on page 2 and 3 due to endless scrolling trends. 

Ensure that you have optimized the Meta description and page title with keywords. Besides, schema markup and other features will make your content more clickable.

Entity-based SEO

Google and other search engines have started giving more importance to pages optimized for particular entities. 

Thus, entity-based website optimization has become more effective than keyword-based SEO. The reason behind this is the development of knowledge panels.

The search bot identifies the content using NLP algorithms. For instance, these algorithms analyze the textual content and find the relevant entities (or terms). It helps the engine know what the content is about. 

When the search engine collects a large amount of information, it connects different dots and grants the panel to the entities.

An entity-based SEO campaign is effective for local searches. In case of local queries, the search engine identifies the relevance of the entity (query) to a particular location.

AI-generated images gaining popularity

Although Google has not announced anything about AI images, many marketers in Bangladesh have started using the technology for images. 

You can choose an AI image generator to obtain images on different topics. Advanced AI tools can create perfect images if you provide the right prompt. With more details, you will have better images. Search engines can also identify the objects successfully.

Automation in SEO

Online marketers in Bangladesh prefer using SEO software to automate their SEO tasks. AI can also be applied to content development. 

The tasks that previously involved manual effort can be accomplished with automated tools. The tools can easily detect technical issues and website updates. Even if you are not highly trained in SEO, you can make some adjustments and find the best results. 

So, these are some SEO trends found in Bangladesh. Optimize your website for the audience in Bangladesh. However, SEO is a long-term game, and you need to make a continuous effort to get the best result.

Up-and-Coming Trends About SEO

Being updated with the latest SEO trends will give you better ideas to work on your website. SEO is the most effective process of attracting a worthy audience. However, it would help if you used it correctly and were updated with all the latest changes to work on your site effectively. 

You need to pay attention to metrics like sharing, traffic, marketing, and more to rank well. The guide offers better insights into the latest trends and assists you plan your SEO. So, here are the major trends that you must consider for your future SEO marketing. Read each one closely to curate your strategies and plans accordingly. 

Up-and-Coming seo trends 2021 are: 

1.      Voice Search will Gain Importance

With the new trends and changes like Alexa, Siri, and google assistant, searching for queries on Google is surely changing. Voice search technology has advanced and come a long way. Further, it is gaining popularity and will certainly change the way of SEO strategies. 

Voice Searches are majorly going to impact SEO practices and going to alter them. So, now you will also have to consider voice search to obtain the correct keywords. Voice searches work well with more natural and clear words than the rest. Moreover, they are longer, so you will have to consider all these factors better while working on SEO in 2021. 

2.      The EAT principle

Google expects excellent content. However, what is quality as per Google? The new EAT principle comprises crisp and trustable content. These factors must be present in your content if you want to cope-up with the new trends in seo. So, understand your viewers’ needs and curate your content properly to consider all these points. Altogether, creating content that fits well for your users is the key. 

3.      Mobile-Adaptability

Users can now search for their queries on any device. And this is certainly the biggest trend of future SEO. So, a desktop and mobile-friendly website are likely to function successfully in the coming years. Moreover, as per studies, it is estimated that more than 75% of users will use mobile phones to surf the internet solely. 

Mobile devices have become handy, and with time they are gaining immense prominence. They are not just convenient but suitable for use. So, ensuring that a website is compatible with mobile phones is very crucial to meet seo trends

4.      Use of Featured Snippets

Snippets are going to obtain huge popularity over time. Featured snippets can cater to specific needs and help your website rank well. So, scoring the correct snippet is a must for accurate results. Snippets can be of many types; you need to locate the most suitable ones to make your site efficient. You can use the ‘People Also Ask’ part for more insights. 

5.      Longer Content

This aspect is yet another merging SEO trend in 2021. To set your SERPs in the right place, you will need longer content. If the content is above 3000 words, it attracts more traffic and has more chances of shares. So, if you want better SEO, then use this effective trick. 

However, at the same time, do not add random words but ensure you maintain the essence of value in your content. Further, headings and other subheadings are also crucial for better clarity. The chief aim is to offer ease and give content that is suitable for reading on all devices. 

6.      Video Optimization

Another effective SEO trend that is most likely to enter in 2021 is including videos. YouTube has over a billion users, and if you are not creating visual content, you are missing out on them. Adding channel descriptions and optimizing your content are important for your site. Today SEO marketing involves and seeks support from other supporting platforms. Thus, being compliant and including them in your current SEO practices is critical. 

7.      Increase of Semantically Related Keywords

SEO experts tend to only focus on main keywords and forget the rest. Removing these binders is very important for your future success. Semantic searches are going to get a significant rise in the coming years. Google SEO does not just demand a string of words anymore. It expects a user to do more than that and involves deep research to place keywords. 

Using all main and secondary keywords is better to help the site rank. Target and prioritize important queries. Create content that meets needs and answers the user’s query well. In this way, you will be able to build better trust and create a useful website. 

8.      Image optimization

Along with videos, even image optimization is going to acquire popularity. Earlier images were only for viewing purposes. However, in the future, images will grant purchases, collect information and get more insights. Thus, optimizing images will assist in serving all future needs. 

Also, using a high-quality and clear picture is a must for success. Use alt tags, make the picture easy to crawl, and give your audience all the ease they want. Further, also add captions and descriptions to the images for better understanding. 

9.      Local Search Listing Will Gain Prominence

Whenever a user uses the internet, they consider it to be global. However, to note facts, people only use this medium to solve their local queries. Using affecting local SEO is important as it is evolving with time. Thus, focusing on this factor will help your firm in the future. Create a definite backlink profile and target a specific audience. 

Further, reaching out to the nearest will be the primary aim for most business sites. However, blogs may have different intends. But one must consider this factor and not neglect it in any way. 


To sustain a website, you need to recognize and implement the new SEO trends. Without them, you will not operate well, and your site will get a lower rank. Consider these latest trends and implement them on your site for maximum profit. Wise work is crucial to attaining success. Thus, work with the altering algorithm to make your site easily visible and gain visitors. 

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