Local SEO Expert Nashid Bashar

SEO, a term that you must be familiar with if you want your business to grow globally while grabbing the marketplace online. You want everyone to know about your business, but unfortunately, only a handful know about your firm. This is where you play the game with Local SEO.

Local SEO service basically ensures that the people in your vicinity get to know about your firm online.

When someone googles a service related to yours, your Local SEO service provider will make sure Google shows your firm and your service on the first page.

Well, that’s Local SEO in a nutshell. 

However, not all Local SEO experts can help you up with the game. This is where I, Nashid Bashar, play my role.

I’ll make sure you can dominate the web and make more revenue than ever. Why am I your perfect catalyst for SEO? Here’s what you need to know about me.

Take a Tour with Me in My Journey First

SEO is my thing, and it never failed to amaze me as I’ve looked into it more and more. I used to watch the leading SEO experts that have made it to the top, and that’s how I got motivated. 

Later as I’ve started my journey to be an SEO expert, I never looked back as I’ve stepped forward.

Yes, I’ve gained success as one of the leading SEO experts in Bangladesh. In fact, I’m one of those few individuals who’s been marked as one of the SEO professionals in Bronx, New York as well. 

My Mentors

Coming from a banking career and ending up being an SEO expert wasn’t easy, though. I had to make sure I have every know-how on SEO. No, it’s not going to be one of those typical tips you get from YouTube or whatever. I’ll make sure my secret recipe helps you up with something different, which you’ll know is one unique game-changer.

With my never-ending desire to learn, I’ve decided to take my training from an SEO giant. Thus, I got certified by Clickminded SEO, one of the leading and largest SEO-certification organizations globally. 

To make it bigger, I’ve completed my affiliate marketing training from Pat Flynn. Is it ringing any bell? The author of the bestseller book ‘Let Go’, who’s known as one of the top when it comes to affiliate marketing. 

Why Work with Me?

I have an in-depth understanding of more than 200 Google SEO factors that significantly impact ranking your website.

With my secret recipes and strategies, I’ll drag your website where it will grab people’s attention, beating all your competitors. Let me cut down to you what you’re getting from me. 

• I’ll make sure your website appears in a good position, and whenever someone searches for anything relevant to your business, he gets to learn about your firm.

• With me backing you up, you’ll have more traffic than you ever had. For which, you’ll have 150% more sales and make more revenue. 

• If you want your website to look gorgeous, I’ll make sure it looks exquisite and alluring. 

• You won’t have to do the market analysis. I’ll do everything on your behalf and cover the service area you’re in right now.

• As you keep your trust in me, there’s no way your competitors can outrank you. If they do it by any chance, I’ll turn the tables for you again. 

Monitoring Local Citations and Building Them

• You don’t need to go to someone else for auditing your citations. I’ll do it for you while you’ll get all the relevant directories online.

• I’ll edit the local citations and include the name, phone number, and address you prefer.

• Want to get new citations? I’ll help you up.

• Not just new citations, I’ll help you to discover more citations in your vicinity if you want. 

• You don’t have to worry about managing the local listings and monitoring them. I’ll do it for you. 

Publishing & Optimizing the Localized Website-Content

• You’ll get to see what your customers are looking for and how they’re doing it. How? I’ll provide you the proper keyword research.

• I’ll publish all the website content targeting local factors based so that your customers can have a seamless user experience.

• You’ll have increased local review and rank as I’ll add all the secret recipes to improving your regional business views.

• Optimizing your prime pages and reducing bounce rates would be one of my major tasks.

Want to Optimize Your Google My Business Account? Call Me Anytime.

• I’ll optimize your phone number along with your business address on the Google My Business page.

• If you need the Google Maps listing, I’ll help you claim it.

• I’ll also optimize your Google My Business page for maximum exposure.

• I’ll also optimize the services you provide and your business hours on Google My Business and all necessary improvements required to rank you on Google 3 Pack map listing.

If You Want to Track Your Campaign, All You Need to Do Is Ask.

• I’ll monitor all the keyword rankings, all the leads, along with the calls and organic traffic for you.

• Not just your own keyword ranking, I’ll also monitor the keyword ranking of your competitors as well to keep an eye on them.

• I’ll also keep an eye on the top-three online businesses that want to outrank you. 

Tracking the Analytics and Reporting

• If you want to have all the advanced Google analytics installed, I’ll help you with it as well. I’ll also monitor them for you.

• I’ll also monitor tracked phone lines for you and set them for your campaigns. 

• You can also keep track of how my services are helping your business up. 

Did I tell You That I Have a Team of 12 Members?

They work on the same wavelength as I do, and you’ll have 24/7 online, and on-call supports whenever you need to. Not just SEO, though, creative content writer, developers, social media influencers, web designers, digital marketers, you name it. I’m here for you with full support whenever you need me. 

Here’s the Best Part

So, you’ve taken my local SEO services and after scratching your head for a couple of minutes, you’re thinking of a change. Or let’s say you want to customize your needs after month two.

I’m All Ears…….

I’ll customize the services and change everything you need me to. Yes, of course. I’m going to charge you for it. But here’s the bright side. The pricing is not too high.

Did I Forget to Talk About the Regular Price, Though? 

To be honest, I don’t charge a specific number of bucks; no! My price depends on what type of service and resource you want from me. It also depends on the location your business is residing in. But I can do ensure you one thing –

I Won’t Cost You a Fortune……. You Can Afford It.

So……Let’s Talk!