12 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful SEO

SEO is not changing but modifying with time. Today there are SEO marketing strategies. However, recognizing the finest picks is essential for attaining future goals. Search engines use a variety of algorithms each year to function. Maintaining and coping up with these changes is necessary to get perfect outcomes. 

Changing algorithms can also create new aspects that can alter the working of your website. Thus, simply tracking them is not essential but also implementing them is a must for results. Being updated with them will help you thrive and attain a good rank. Here we have 12 Dos and Don’ts of SEO that will help you understand the internet world better. Use them to operate your website and grow it without facing penalties effectively. 

The Do’s for Successful SEO are: 

Testing Performance

Test the performance of your website with the help of different tools. Over 40% of users prefer using multiple devices to search for any query. So, to reach out to the audience well, you must ensure your website is available on several platforms. Multiple device optimization is a must for success. So, do not neglect this vital factor while working on SEO services

Optimizing your website

Not just optimizing but knowing your target group and optimizing the content accordingly is important. If you want to get an authentic audience, then this is a no skip point. The chief purpose of creating a website is to rank well and obtain success. And correct optimization helps you attain that. 

Further, know what information your target group will appreciate and write. Do not place insufficient data that will make no sense. A person searches for a query to get valuable solutions. And if your website is providing that, then you are certainly on the right track. Further, it is a must Do of every SEO practice today. 

Add a FAQ page

You must have seen an FAQ section at the end of every article. This section is not just important for human understanding but also helps in positive SEO. So, when a user comes to your blog or site, they are entirely satisfied, and you will meet all their queries. There are varied reasons to consider a FAQ page. Thus, ensure you add one to obtain maximum profit from your website. 

Quality Content

Content must have value and not be random. If a website has irrelevant and not helpful content, then a user will not stay on it for even a second. Further, quality content tops all must-have SEO lists. Thus, ensure you have worthy information that will meet all your SEO and audience’s needs. 

Be unique

Copying can leave a poor impression. Google has its way of analyzing and predicting data. Thus, only create content that engages a viewer and provides all needs. 

Link to social media

Along with google seo, you might also need the support of social media. As we know, SEO practices change each day, and lately, social media is the most effective way of promoting anything. Link your content to social media accounts and give your users better exposure. It will help you attract traffic and create better awareness. Easily reach out to different users using the most efficient platforms of this age. 

Use tools

Where the human brain fails, tools work. Tools are here for your assistance. Thus, using effective SEO tools can help you read your page well and analyze all the information. There are plenty of tools available, so pick wisely and study your SEO progress properly. 

The Don’ts of Successful SEO are: 

Stuffing Keywords

The most common error that each person makes on their website is keyword stuffing. Keeping your site well-maintained is important. Keywords are to be placed properly. Keyword stuffing was effective earlier, but with the modifications today, it can lead to penalties. 

Further, keywords must be picked wisely and not by assumptions. Google does not work on intuitions and trials. So, check all factors and use the right set of keywords to run your website effectively. Do not target your own choice but use tools to recognize efficient keywords for your website. 

Neglecting Metadata

Along with the main content, you must also consider small factors like meta descriptions, tags, snippets, URLs, etc. People generally neglect these small aspects, considering them unimportant. However, these factors play a crucial role and must be considered well for success. They greatly impact your site’s performance and so must be precise. 

Using Random Links

Many SEO marketers make this error while working on SEO marketing strategies. Shortcuts can help gain links, but they may not always be helpful. Buying and trading unnatural links can help your website grow faster. However, it also increases risk and lowers performance. 

Random linking can also reduce a user’s trust and create a bad impact on your website. Thus, do not encourage random links and only use authentic ones for your website. 

Permitting longer loading time

People tend to be fine with longer loading periods. However, this is the biggest glitch that you must avoid. Nobody likes long waits, especially while searching for data. Extended periods can be a serious issue for your site. Thus, never neglect this factor and ensure that you work on reducing such errors. 

Neglecting Voice Search

Today voice search is entirely taking over text. Many people prefer speaking and searching with convenience rather than typing. Thus, considering voice commands and acting on your site as needed is also important. Voice search is the future of operating search engines. So, please don’t neglect this factor and work on it efficiently for betterment in the future. 


Following these do’s and don’ts will help your website, firm, or blog attain success. Implement the right SEO marketing strategies to get desired outcomes. Understanding Google and its changing algorithm is the key to progress. Further, be updated about all the changing algorithms to get accurate results. Overall, consider all these points closely and work on your website effectively.

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