Best free keyword research tools for SEO

Keyword research is crucial for pay-per-clicks and the success of your digital marketing plans. So, if you are not using the correct keywords for your SEO techniques, you will not obtain desired success. However, do not worry if you do not have ample knowledge about it. You can always seek help from the finest SEO expert in Bangladesh to succeed in your journey.

Drawing more traffic is the primary aim of your website. Thus, identifying the right way is very crucial. Good research helps you aim well and attract positive traffic to your site. So, consider all the points in this article closely to thrive well in the coming days and succeed.

Keyword research is not just about the keyword. But also, many other correlated factors like target audience, products, services, and correct answers. Therefore, knowing about everything is crucial for the growth of your marketing plan.

Gathering this data and listing down a few words is time-consuming, and we understand that. Thus, we have some valuable tools for you to get keywords in no time. Using them will be effective for your website and also help you invest your time in better things. So, keep scrolling to discover your ideal tool today!

1.    Soovle

Soovle is a great free tool that generates keywords for different platforms. All the keywords are effective and suggested after keen research. So be it for Wikipedia, Amazon, Google, YouTube, and even Yahoo, Soovle works well for all.

Further, it is the finest free keyword researching tool for multiple channels. Soovles also permits you to gain access to the most searched words across several search engines. Moreover, it is a great auto-generate tool that gives you valuable ideas related to your search. Overall, Soovle is the finest tool for large-scale research. 

2.    WordStream’s Keyword Tool

How can one forget WordStream’s keyword tools when talking about SEO techniques for keyword research?

Wordstream is a free tool that helps you obtain specific keywords. By this, we mean the keywords that target a particular audience or niche. Further, it also gives fresh ideas and helps in grouping them well using a common theme. However, the tool only gives you a 30-day free trial initially. After this, you have to sign-up and create an account to use it in the future.

3.    Google Keyword Planner

Yet another superb free tool is Google Keyword Planner. This tool is also called the alpha and omega of locating keywords. But, you need an AdWords account to gain access to it. However, the process does not require extra payments and is completely free, so do not worry about costs.

Google Keyword Planner shows you statistics and charts to analyze monthly keywords. Further, it also helps you recognize the competition level, pay-per-click, and many other relatable factors.

The tool does not just give you specific keywords but goes one step ahead to assist you better. It also suggests synonyms and other variations to use your SEO techniques efficiently and favorably. Further, this tool is accurate, but we suggest studying stats properly to analyze keywords well.

4.    Ubersuggest

One of the finest and most reliable tools is Ubersuggest. This tool reads any keyword you type and provides an endless list of variations in alphabetical and numerical order. Moreover, you can also add ‘ad, ac, or bounce house ab’ to get more keywords to improve your overall SEO techniques.

5.    Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool

If you want charts and reports to help you analyze keywords better, then Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool is the best for you. The free tool helps you compare URLs and gathers all information about keyword strategies across many sites. Also, you can quickly check the on-page strategy of a relatable site and get insights into their details.

This tool can collect all data quickly, right from keywords used in the headings to the main keyword of their content. Moreover, the analysis shows you how and where the keywords are placed. And via this tool, you can get the number of keywords per page, linked keywords, head tags, meta descriptions, and a lot of comparable information. Altogether, this free tool is the finest if you wish to get valuable insights into a competitor site.

6.    AnswerThePublic

You can miss on phrases and words, but AnswerThePublic will certainly not. This free tool helps in analyzing all the phrases and collects words you might not even think about. Along with the root keyword, it also gives you relatable questions and queries a user asks. Moreover, it does deep research on your target audience and gives you precise results only.

However, only the paid version gives you access to the keyword’s regional information. Yet, apart from that, the free tool gives you related questions, synonyms, queries, and other similar searches. Overall, AnswerThePublic is a terrific tool for all the information you need about a specific keyword to use it effectively.

7.    Google Trends

Google Trends assists in discovering the popularity of a keyword and thereby provides valuable data on different variations. It is surely a great source for examining trends and changes in the volume of each keyword in the search engine.

Moreover, this is an effective tool as it does not waste your time and gives you insights into the current day. It cancels all old information and helps you cope up with new trends.  

8.    Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is another effective tool for using keywords for large-scale sites. They provide keyword research for Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Google, Walmart, YouTube, Google Shopping, and even Bing.

However, it is vital to know that the free account only permits three searches per day. Further, each tool gives detailed insights about a keyword, and you can also specify the region in some tools.


Using an effective keyword research tool is very crucial for your online firm. It directs you on the right path and helps you drive swiftly towards success. All the tools in this article are reliable and work the best. So, select your ideal keyword research tool today and save some precious time.

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