Benefits of Google local guide 

Google Maps are a critical part of every person’s life today. From identifying the distance between two destinations to locating your nearest hotels, petrol pumps, or ATMs. This fantastic app has not only become a major portion of your life.

Google maps make searching much simpler for all users. A person can see all details of a place about a specific place using this fantastic aid. However, do you know who adds these details to Google Maps? It is a Google local guide.

Google Local Guide: What Is It?

It is a group of explorers that share their reviews, photos, and other details about specific places on Google. They cross-check the facts already placed on Google and amend them if necessary. Google Local Guides also acquire points or rewards for their contribution to bettering this service. So, overall, these individuals add useful details about local areas on Google to assist users across the globe in discovering details about the same.

What Are the Benefits of Google Local Guide?

This program is solely for enthusiastic volunteers who wish to contribute or share their local knowledge or experiences with like-minded people.

Being a Local Guide, extending pictures and experiences offers spectacular insights for future clients. In addition, these guides acquire rewards and points in exchange for services.

After reaching the fourth level of this program, you will get your very first badge, which helps your experiences get noticed.

Further, Google rewards you by permitting early access to benefits, fresh Google products and beneficial rewards. If you have good fortune, you may also get featured in their promo videos or stand a chance to attend their summit attended by the finest local guides across the globe.

Is A Local Guide Trustworthy?

Sadly, not every guide is in for truthful reasons at higher levels. While most work authentically and provide valuable details, most businesses also acquire fake reviews and ratings.

But why does this happen?

Acquiring rewards, points, and badges can be very exciting and ruin the reviews’ authenticity.

Any individual looking for a local hotel or firm that checks the reviews places more trust in the local guide. However, sadly, you can trust not all of the badge holders with reviews.

The program’s chief purpose was to offer users valuable, reliable and accurate information. Today there are many fake reviews and ratings available online. However, the programs still manage to succeed and overpower them in their way.


The Google Local Guide is a fantastic program that users can opt for. It has several advantages and benefits google maps in various ways. Win exciting rewards, badges and much more using this exciting program. Become a part of this reliable source, add a journey and share your experiences.

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