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SEO Expert in Bangladesh Nashid Bashar

Are you not getting plenty of leads or calls from customers? If this is the case, you should gear up immediately before it is too late and partner with a trusted Google Local SEO Expert.

The Local SEO service will help your business deliver exactly what local customers want, thereby boosting your business performance.

If you are a novice entrepreneur, you should think about building the local customer base first. For this basic first step, you will require assistance with Local SEO from a highly experienced SEO consultant. In this article, we will guide you through every little detail of Local Search Engine Optimization and of course Google Local SEO Expert, Nashid Bashar.

As you are leafing through the pages about Local SEO consultants, you must be in dire need of a Local SEO service provider. But, don’t you think at first you need to have a basic idea about “what Local SEO is”? Later, I will discuss all the other aspects of Local SEO and how you should choose the right Local SEO Expert for your company.

In common parlance, a Local SEO service ensures that the people in your vicinity get to know about your firm online. More simply, you can say that Local SEO helps an online business to appear on your local search, thereby improving the visibility among the potential local customers.

When someone googles a service related to yours, your Local SEO service provider will make sure that Google or the other search engine shows your official business website and your services on the first page of the search engine result.

Well, that’s Local SEO in a nutshell.

Local SEO and its various features: –

Local Search Engine Optimization refers to a long-term marketing strategy. This marketing methodology makes your online business active on the web for a specific neighbourhood.

Local SEO brings in website traffic, enhancing the online presence of the official business website. Your survival in the online world is totally dependent on Local SEO despite having a store in the local area. Local SEO is the one I want to talk about here.

Local SEO totally concentrates on the local popularity of your online business. For this, I have come up with several tactics, which I will discuss with you later.

The entrepreneurs who hire Local SEO consultants like me generally optimize for a very specific area. In most cases, it is the area nearby their own neighbourhood. The common mentality of the entrepreneurs is to thrive in their local area first and generate a loyal customer base.

Example of Local SEO

Let me give an illustration to my readers. Suppose you are at your home and want to have some Chinese food. You must pick up your smartphone and type the word “Chinese food” on the search bar of google. Now, the search engine will show you a list of three nearby Chinese restaurants.

You can click the option of “show more” if you wish to see some more nearby Chinese restaurants. If you search the same word “Chinese food” from a different location, the search engine will show you some different results. This is because of the Local SEO.

What does Local SEO do to your business?

The Local SEO helps the search engine to know the location of the searcher and provide suitable search engine results to him or her. This location-based search result helps the users in saving their valuable time. With the help of a proper Local SEO strategy, you can popularize your physical store almost instantly.

I promise to bring as many local customers as possible to your local physical store. I will help you to attract foot traffic for your store, thereby boosting the profit of your physical store.

So, if you are thinking of prospering with your business in the coming days, Local SEO is the first key step to do that. I sincerely believe that if you have gone through the article so far, it will be crystal clear to you “what Local SEO is.”

What are the features of Local SEO?

In my career of a few years, I have seen that Local SEO is demanded by small business owners mostly. But, apart from small entrepreneurs, the medium and big business organizations also look for Local Search Engine Optimization services.

They need assistance with Local SEO when they try to expand their business to a whole new area away from their head office. Let’s learn about the key factors of Local Search Engine Optimization.

Google my business listing

As a Local SEO consultant, I suggest my client open a Google My Business account first. The Google My Business account will help the websites to appear on the top three listings of Google. The Google listing mentions everything about your business starting from the business name, location, business hours to direction to the physical store. With an active Google My Business Account, you can appear on Google Map as well. This way, the searchers will see you on the Google Map and come to your local physical store easily.

So, it is needless to say that the free tool of Google My Business Account is essential for improving your Local Search Engine Optimization. Based on your business audience and industry, you should list your business to major business directories such as Bing, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. If you come to me for your Local Search Engine Optimization, I will do these things on your behalf.

Local Citations

This is one very important feature of local SEO. Local citations are the bloodline behind a strong local presence. Citation means reference. In easy words, it is your business reference on other local business directories or sites. Usually, we input three things local citation, that is your business name, business address, and business phone number. Altogether in the local SEO terms, these three entries are call NAP.

While doing local citations, professionals must check the NAP consistency. It means your business name, address, and phone number should be verbatim all over the internet. This way Google can identify your business on all platforms as one entity. If your business name, address, or phone number even slightly differ from one website to another website, Google won’t count your business as one, it will consider it as a different business entity. So to maintain NAP consistency you should be cautious.

Local keywords for Local SEO

The Local keywords are nothing but the phrases searched by the users in your local area. The purpose of adding the local keywords is that it helps the official business website to appear on the first page of search engine results for those specific keywords. But, how will the customers know which local keyword will boost the ranking of their business website? That is why clients come to us for keyword analysis, content optimization, and keyword planning.

There are various types of free keyword tools in the market that anyone can learn to use in a single day. There are Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc. We help the clients to maintain a proper balance of keywords on their official business website, which they can’t know on their own just using these free keyword tools. A good local SEO professional knows to generate important keywords without using any tool.

Local content creator

If you want to do a successful Local Search Engine Optimization, you should bring in high-quality blog posts, eBooks, videos, etc., to your website. Though it is a great start, there is much more to do yet. You should recruit a local content creator as they will know your local area the best.

He or she will write area-specific articles, guest blogs, posts, etc., for your website. They will use the long tail and short tail local keywords to the web content in an intelligent way. All these contents will naturally draw local web traffic to a particular business website. So, collaborating with local content creators is an effective part of Local SEO. Knowing the local culture, local trends, local event is very important for any local business. Local content creators should have this knowledge. They should be very good communicators as well.

Garnering Local customer reviews

I, as a Local SEO Expert, always focus on Local customer reviews. The local reviews let your potential local customers know about the pros and cons of your business from other customers.

So, if you see negative reviews from the customers, you should try your best to resolve that particular problem in your business as soon as possible. Also, entertain your happy customers to leave a positive review on your official business website, and in the Google My Business so that other potential customers can check that out. This way, a local business can build customers’ trust.

A successful Local Search Engine Optimization is bound to build a trustworthy official business website for the clients. My team will take care of everything related to Local Reviews on your website. Don’t worry about any maligning reviews on your business as long as your website is under my supervision. I know how to encourage clients to left a positive review, even their initial intent was to provide a negative review. Doing so you have to be a good business professional who cares about customers.

Generating and collecting local links

If you are a Local SEO enthusiast, you must have searched about how a Google search engine algorithm works. It can identify the links and the keywords of your web content only. So, it is urgent for business owners to focus on their local links. You can ask any local blogger or local influencer to add your website link to their website. This way, the audiences who will check out their website will press on your website link and visit your official business website simultaneously. This entire process is popular as local link generation. The search engine will search for these external links and internal links of your website before a suggestion to searchers. As your Local SEO Expert, it is my responsibility to generate these links for you.

If you come to me for assistance regarding the Local SEO of your website, you should have basic knowledge about these features. We will work on these features of Local SEO at first to improve the business performance of your website. I always discuss with my clients before I start on their projects. So, it will save a lot of time for me and, of course, for my clients if they already know about these basics of Local Search Engine Optimization.

Why should the business owners partner with Local SEO experts? What are the benefits of Local SEO?

Higher online visibility

This online visibility will help your business and its products to reach out to as many audiences as possible. Nowadays, if you appear more in the online world, more searchers will check out your website. In this busy world, no one has time to search any particular business out if it doesn’t pop up right in front of their eyes on the first page of search engine results.

The Local Search Engine Optimization will help business organizations boost their online visibility. Clearly, you can understand more online visibility means more profit for your business.

Building a local community and maintaining the local economy

These days, it is of dire necessity to keep the Local Economy thriving. That is why many reputed business organizations are opening at least one of their branches to the local area. The small business stores depend on the local customer base at first to grow their business. Local SEO is of big help when it comes to building a local community.

The Local Search Engine optimization helps them to communicate and even collaborate with other local companies. This way, the newly arrived local online stores will get a lot of backlinks. There is no harm in keeping your local network strong.

With the help of a proper Local SEO strategy, you can build such a trustworthy local community for your business within a short period of time. This community will maintain your partnership and customer base in the worst time of your business as well.

Collecting more relevant web traffic

It is obvious that Local SEO will bring in more Local customers to your official business website. Local SEO popularizes your website in a very limited yet specific area. So, with such a little customer base, it will be really easier for you to get in touch with the more relevant web traffic.

Do you know around 72% of the local searches are conducted by searches living within 5 miles region from your local physical store? I personally try to maintain a high-quality flock of web traffic for my customers.

Trust and authority of your business

The Local SEO helps the official business sites to appear on top of the Google search engine result. The local consumers think that high rank means a more trustworthy company, and then they come to those online websites for shopping. As a Google Local SEO expert, I would try to gain respect for your business from your potential consumers.

Reducing the cost of paid search

The Local SEO service provider like my company ensures a huge volume of organic traffic totally free of cost. This organic traffic is proportional to the online presence of a business on the web also. Local SEO helps you to climb up the search engine ladder within a short period of time.

The top rank of client websites on the internet will also lead to free advertisements. You will get more pay per click from organic traffic, and it will keep your business under a steady budget all the time.

More profit and sales for your business

It is common sense that increased organic web traffic will lead to better business performance. With the help of Local SEO, I intend to bring more target traffic for you. So, you can understand there remains an increased chance of purchasing, which will boost the sales record of your company.

This increased amount of sales will definitely enhance your business revenue, allowing you to see some significant profit. All of these are possible because of Local Search Engine Optimization.

Extended business hours for your business

This means, now, customers can shop at your website 24/7. Enhanced business hours will give the client’s website more opportunities for sales and profit. These extended business hours are backed with a strong customer service facility day and night.

I, as a Google Local SEO Expert, personally put too much emphasis on Local SEO for this reason. Our Local SEO service is paired with a proper customer service facility in your local area.

Local SEO promotes your business

Through Local SEO, the Google Local SEO expert like me asks the local influencers and local post-bloggers to add specific links to their website. This way, I help my client’s website to be visible to a wider group of the local audience. Clearly, this results in better promotion for my client’s website, and more profit can be predicted due to this.

Optimization of the user experience

The Local SEO focuses on the improvement of customer user experience as well. I, as your Google Local SEO Expert, personally assign web developers to each of my projects to make the websites look gorgeous and more approachable. A better user experience also guarantees a more amount of time spent on your official business website.

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About Nashid Bashar

I am trying to help the business owners with my Local SEO services and others. If you are a business owner and thinking about stepping foot in the online world, you should definitely come to me. I will help you with business strategy decisions, Local Search Engine Optimization, etc. Once I take over your project of Local SEO, you don’t have to worry for a single second at all about your online business. I’ll make sure your business firm can dominate the web and make more revenue than ever before. Though there are plenty of SEO course certificate holders in the market who are practicing as SEO service providers, not all Local SEO experts can help you up with the game. You need full attention and proper care for your business to emerge as a successful one in the online business world. This is where I, Nashid Bashar, come to play the role of your most trustworthy Local SEO consultant.

Take a Tour with Me in the career journey

Before you hire me as your Local SEO consultant, I think you should know about my career a little bit. My SEO journey started long back. I used to watch the videos, courses, and interviews of leading SEO experts that have made it to the top.  That’s how I got motivated. I got my interest in this field from influential SEO experts of that time.

My interest in this field only has grown with the passage of time. I couldn’t suppress my urge to learn more and more about Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing. Though it started as a hobby, later in life, I wanted to take it as a bill-paying profession of mine. So, with Lord’s blessing, I started my journey one day with Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing. Since that very day, I have been unstoppable as I’ve stepped forward in this world of SEO.

Initially, I started my career as an employee in the banking sector. I worked in Union Bank and NCC bank limited for around six years. That time, I studied Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing in my spare time. I took up a lot of necessary courses to get a grasp of SEO as well.

I finally quit my job in the year of 2015. Now, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is my thing. This marketing method of Search Engine Optimization or SEO continues to amaze me as I know more about it. I personally think of SEO as the most important digital marketing tool of the world today.

I first started my journey as an SEO consultant in Bangladesh, and I have practiced there for several years. Today, I feel pretty proud to say that I’ve gained success as one of the leading SEO experts in Bangladesh. Not only this, but I have explored different markets of the world as well.

In fact, now I’m one of those few individuals who’s been marked as one of the leading SEO professionals in Bronx, New York as well. Today, I am equipped enough to foray into the markets of any country of the world. My marketing firm is growing with every passing day, and I entertain global clients always. So, if you are an entrepreneur and in search of a Google Local SEO Expert, you can call me or my team any time. You can also mail me at my official email address. 

My Mentors who helped me be a Google Local SEO Expert

Coming from a banking career and ending up being an SEO expert wasn’t easy for me, though. I had to self-study a lot about all the background topics of digital marketing. I decided to switch to the career of an SEO expert once I made sure that I had basic, intermediary, and advanced knowledge about Search Engine Optimization.

With my never-ending desire to learn, I decided back then to take my training from an SEO giant. Therefore, I got certified by Clickminded SEO. If you are an SEO enthusiast, you must have heard about this one-of-a-kind SEO-certification organization. The organization is globally quite popular.

To make my knowledge more impactful, I’ve completed my affiliate marketing training from Pat Flynn. Does the name “Pat Flynn” ring any bell?  He is known for his bestselling book of all time, ‘Let Go.’ This guy is known as one of the top marketing experts when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Anyway, I have worked in many countries, as mentioned earlier. Currently, I am employed as an SEO expert in a company named Proair industries. The company is one of the leading California-based agencies. In this article, I won’t give you any typical tips you get from YouTube or other sites.

Instead, I’ll make sure my secret recipe helps you with something different regarding Search Engine Optimization or SEO. I promise my readers that in this article, you will get to know some game-changing topics about SEO.

Why should you choose Nashid Bashar over other SEO experts?

Today, I have opened my very own marketing consulting firm to help other client companies to explore their marketing opportunities in this online business world. Right now, we have divided our professionals into various teams. These teams are handling specific projects. In my own team, I have recruited around ten digital marketing professionals. They work under my supervision.

I personally check the client projects before these are delivered to the clients. In each of our teams, we keep more than one coding expert in dealing with software-related issues and platform maintenance problems. Other than coding experts, we also recruit WordPress experts for our teams. Some of the teams require marketing experts as well. So, right now, we are equipped enough to tackle big projects from various parts of the world.

As a curious customer, you must be wondering why am I your perfect catalyst for SEO? Or why should you choose me over other Local SEO consultants in the market? Here’s what you need to know about me, Nashid Bashar.

I have spent quite a few years in the industry of digital marketing. So, I have gathered an in-depth understanding of more than 200 Google SEO factors. These factors impact the search engine ranking of your website a lot. I consider myself pretty proud when I tell my readers that I can help their official business websites to get the attention of the searchers.

I even offer my clients a complete competitor’s analysis as well. With my secret recipes and strategies, they can beat all their competitors in the online world. So, if you allow me to handle your project, you don’t have to worry about the lack of web traffic due to the better performance of competitors at all.

I, along with my team, will secure your customer base. That’s a promise. As you keep your trust in me, there’s no way your competitors can outrank you. If they do it by any chance, I’ll turn the tables for you again.

Keywords are the most important SEO tool for any online business website. I, along with my team, provide top-ranked high-volume keywords to our readers. I have worked on many projects which demanded highly competitive keywords and niches. I have gathered my practical experience by working on multiple client projects and analyzing the trend of the industry.

I try my best so that the client websites are performing well and in a good position. My team will provide the clients a business report of the monthly and weekly performance of the official business website. This way, you as a client will get the opportunity to improve your business profit and sale. Such activity will also help the searchers to get in touch with your website for relevant searches.

If you have studied my journey, you will know that I have spent several years working in close co-operation with global clients. So, I am pretty familiar with the global market and can help your business if you are outsourcing to other foreign countries.

I believe I have gained enough experience by working in the US market, Bangladesh market, and other parts of the world. I will ask the international clients to kindly mail me to my email address. The call can be a little inconvenient for both of us due to the time difference.

I will double their web traffic within a month or two; it is my promise to the clients. With my backing you up, you will get only organic web traffic. You don’t have to pay for the web traffic on your official business website at all. In some cases, I have been able to boost the web traffic by 150%, which later contributed to more sales and revenue for the client’s business.

Are you worried about the way your business website looks? If you are, you can ask me for a better functioning and gorgeous look for your official business website. I have web developers in my team who can provide you with a user-friendly website for your online store.

I believe in fulfilling customers’ demands. So, all our teams will provide you with the option of customizing in the case of web development. I personally guarantee an exquisite and alluring look for the client’s website.

Once you hand me over your project, you don’t have to worry about internet marketing or anything at all. I will handle everything from scratch. My team will provide you with the marketing analysis report on time. If you are looking for Local SEO service from my team and me, we will cover the service area you are in right now.

If you are still hesitating about booking me, please take a look at my business site and see the reviews provided by our happy clients. I am familiar with the concern of selecting the best Local SEO consultant. If you want, you can speak to my previous clients any time to know about my ability and work ethic while handling SEO projects.

Apart from being your Local SEO consultant, I also play the role of a marketing expert. If you are okay with it, I can provide you with innovative ideas for your business. I help all my clients with strategy analysis as well. If you apply these digital marketing strategies suggested by me to your business, it will surely be profitable, and your business will generate good revenue.

I am a ClickMinded certified SEO professional. So, have faith in my marketing team and me regarding your project. To sharpen my skill, I took up other top-level digital marketing courses as well. I guarantee that I can provide superior expertise regarding SEO to all my clients.

So far, I have worked on 100+ projects. I have even experience working with the Bangladesh Government as well. So, no matter what industry your business project belongs to, you can trust me and hand it over to me any time. As you are looking for a Local SEO expert, let’s not go off-topic.

I want my readers to have a fundamental idea about my Local SEO services before they come to me with their project. This way, it will save us both some time, and we will focus squarely on the business that matters.

My Local SEO Service

Monitoring Local Citations and Building Them

Are you worried about Local Citation and how to build them? Well, if you come to me, I assure you that I will do it for you. You don’t need to go to someone else to audit your citations. I’ll request you to get all the relevant directories online. You stay worry-free.

I will assign a suitable team to handle your project. They will edit your local citation. They will also include the name, phone number, and address you prefer. Don’t worry; I will check before the final delivery if everything is alright.

If you want to get new citations, I can help you there as well. You just have to let me or my team know so that we can get there sometimes. Getting new citations is preferred by many these days.

Not just new citations, I’ll help you to discover more citations in your vicinity if you want. I have handled projects of such kind around a hundred times. So, you can trust me with your citation discovery as well.

You don’t have to worry about managing the local listings and monitoring them. I’ll do it for you, or I will assign a highly skilled team to do this for you. They will provide you notifications at the proper time as well.

Publishing & Optimizing the Localized Content

If you allow me to handle your valuable project, you will get to see everything I am doing with your website firsthand. I guarantee you will see your website grow. My clients can see what your customers are looking for and how they’re doing it. How? I’ll provide you with the proper keyword research and do the keyword analysis on behalf of your company as well.

I’ll publish all the website content which are targeting local factors. This way, your customers can have a seamless user experience any time they visit your website. I have already mentioned how user-friendliness can change the look of your website.

I vow to help my clients increase their local reviews. More web traffic and a better user experience lead to happy customers. So, I am 100% certain that I will be able to help you with an ample amount of local reviews. This way, your website will rank as I’ll add all the secret recipes to improve your regional business views.

Optimizing your prime pages and reducing bounce rates would be one of my major tasks. You can consult with my team regarding this particular service if you want. In short, I will develop content that your clients will cherish.

Google My Business Optimization

I’ll optimize your phone number along with your business address on the Google My Business page. To be frank, I will maintain your business page from top to bottom, be in on directory of Google or others.

If you need the Google Maps listing, I’ll help you claim it. For this, you will need Google My Business Account in an updated condition.

I’ll also optimize your Google My Business page for maximum exposure. To be honest, my team will take care of this task. But, don’t worry, I will supervise everything.

I’ll also optimize the services you provide and your business hours on Google My Business and all necessary improvements required to rank you on Google 3 Pack map listing.

Track Your Campaign

As I have already told I will be the one monitoring all the keyword rankings, all the leads, along with the calls and organic traffic for your official business website. So, ask me anything about digital marketing if it pops in your head.

Not just your own keyword ranking, I’ll also monitor the keyword ranking of your competitors as well to keep an eye on them. This way, there will be no slightest chance of your competitors surpassing you in terms of business profit.

I’ll also keep an eye on the top-three online businesses that want to outrank you. Even if it does in one month, I promise that in the next month, you will be in the top three once again.

If you want to have all the advanced Google analytics installed, I’ll help you with it as well.

Did I Tell You That I Have a Team of 12 Members?

They work on the same wavelength as I do, and you’ll have 24/7 online and on-call support whenever you need to. Not just SEO, though, creative content writers, developers, social media influencers, web designers, digital marketers, you name it. I’m here for you with full support whenever you need me.

Here’s the Best Part

So, you’ve taken my local SEO services, and after scratching your head for a couple of minutes, you’re thinking of a change. Or let’s say you want to customize your needs after month two.

I’m All Ears……. I’ll customize the services and change everything you need me to. Yes, of course. I’m going to charge you for it. But here’s the bright side. The pricing is not too high.

Did I Forget to Talk About the Regular Price, though?

To be honest, I don’t charge a specific number of bucks; no! My price depends on what type of service and resource you want from me. It also depends on the location your business is residing in. But I can assure you one thing – I Won’t Cost You a Fortune…You Can Afford It. I guarantee that you won’t have to sell your kidneys or house to pay my fees. I will tell you the price after looking at your project. I promise it will be under your budget.  

From this article, you will get to know a lot about me and the Local SEO services I provide. So, after reading all this about me, if you can trust me with your valuable project, please contact me at your convenient time. I will make your project my topmost priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Local SEO work?

To boost the local ranks of the websites, the Google Local SEO Expert like me depends on a number of key factors. First, I try to understand the business purpose of my clients. Then, once I see the business reports and other important papers of your company, I move on to the part of Local SEO with my team.
Local SEO keyword targeting is the main thing we do here. It takes the maximum time in keyword analysis, monitoring the keyword performance, keyword replacement, keyword research, and so on. Other than this, we conduct Google My Business Optimization, Local Search Citation, Link building, Online reputation management, On-page SEO, SEO Local Landing page optimization, Google Local SEO content marketing. All these tasks are included in Local SEO.

How to choose the right Local SEO Expert?

Well, there are several tips to land with the right Google Local SEO expert. I will discuss these tips here in the following paragraphs.

1.      You have to learn about the Local SEO strategy and tactics of your Local SEO Expert before hiring him or her. So make sure your SEO Expert works with a proper well-structured SEO plan.

2.      Also, check the customer reviews available on the site of the Local SEO Experts. Finally, you can talk to your friends for references before choosing any SEO consultant.

3.      When you visit the office of any Local SEO Expert, you need to be very careful with the business requirement for your official website.

4.      You need to check the availability of the Local SEO Expert as well during your time of requirement. Not all the timelines will be reasonable for you.

5.      Partner with those Local SEO experts only who ensure full transparency in the Local SEO process. As a paying client, you deserve to know everything regarding your business risk, performance, activity, track record, and so on.

6.      Pair with those Local SEO Experts who are willing to conduct technical and search audits for your company.

7.      Look for those Google Local SEO Experts who have experience working in your industry. This way, there will be a reduced chance of errors.

8.      You should check out the services of multiple Local SEO companies before you choose a particular one. This way, you will get a clearer picture of what you want.

How can you handle multiple locations with your Local SEO?

These days, business owners are opening their physical stores in multiple regions and maintaining a single website for all these stores only. So, in this case, Local Search Engine Optimization has to be a little different. If you want to see all the physical stores of yours emerge as successful, you should follow the below four tips of Local SEO.  

Separate landing pages
You can always build several pages for each of the locations of the physical store. We will add a business destination, business hours, etc., for each of your pages.

Separate Google Listings
You should think about creating a separate Google listing as well. I will definitely help you there. Claim all these listings for each of these physical store locations. We will keep the information provided on those listings updated.

Separate link building for each location
Each of the websites will feature different addresses. So, clearly, we will work for link building separately for each of these pages. All of them will contain both external and internal links. The search engines can identify the web content with the help of these links.

Area-specific customer review collection
For successful business at multiple locations, you should muster happy customer reviews also. I will take care of the fact whether there is any negative review on your business pages or not. These reviews will boost customers’ trust, and more of them will visit the pages of your website.

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