What is the Future of SEO Professionals

What is the Future of SEO Professionals?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most rapidly emerging career options nowadays. With everything getting online, there’s a great demand for SEO professionals to improve the performance of sites and increase their visibility. Even the evolution in SEO techniques has increased the importance and need for professional SEO experts in the market. In … Read More

Best Books on SEO for Beginners to Professionals

Best Books on SEO for Beginners to Professionals

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the most important aspects of the digital marketing strategy. SEO helps in creating an online presence and unlocking potential benefits for business growth.  Some numerous blogs and videos teach you the tactics of SEO, but nothing can beat the knowledge gained from reading books. Whether you are … Read More

How to optimize content for Voice

How to optimize content for Voice

In recent years, voice search has become one of the most used methods of finding information on the internet. With the entry of Google Home and Amazon Echo into many homes, people found new ways to communicate by Voice. Currently, there is still much doubt around SEO and voice search. This guide will assist you … Read More

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Definitive Guide on National SEO

Are you looking to optimize a national brand? If you desire to increase your overall market presence and make your products or services more visible, you must implement a proper national SEO approach. National SEO is a set of strategies designed to increase the visibility of a website in search results when users search for … Read More

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SEO for Non-Profit Organizations

The main aim of a non-profit organization is the welfare of society. These are business entities that work for no profit. The organization works for social and public benefits. They often work with donations. People from all professions contribute to such organizations from time to time. Such organizations work with people who work as support … Read More

Importance of dwell time

Why Is Dwell Time Important For SEO

Everyone wants their website to land on top of Google search results. SEO revolves around tracking, auditing and managing a plethora of elements. In this article, we will be talking about a particular element which is dwell time.  There is a lot of confusion regarding whether dwell time is a Google ranking signal. But since … Read More

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Why is site speed important for retailers’ SEO

The loading pace of your page is highly crucial for its success. If you fail to pay close attention to this critical aspect, you might end up losing heavy traffic and also lose revenue. The article has vital information about site speed and the overall effect of this factor on your business. Please keep reading … Read More

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Ebay SEO

Step-By-Step Guide To eBay Product SEO

Search Engine Optimization, also commonly known as SEO, is the finest method to increase or improve a search engine rank. It simply means that it assists in optimizing the amount and quality of traffic attracted to your website. In short, it improves visibility.  However, what is eBay SEO? Worry not; the term is not very … Read More

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Amazon SEO

Tips To Properly Leverage Your Amazon SEO Campaign

The SEO approach of Amazon is quite similar to that of Google. But the only difference is that most of the searches made on Amazon are transactional. It is no surprise that most users making a search on this e-commerce platform have the intention of making a purchase.  On the other hand, a majority of … Read More

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structured data markup

Structured Data Guideline For E-Commerce Websites

Rich snippets JSON tags, schema codes, aka structured data, are a crucial part of each SEO arsenal today. Google utilizes these codes to read and identify your text.  The search engine works hard to read and understand any text typed. Using structured data simplifies Google’s job and makes text identification simpler. Implementing this data for … Read More