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Free google rank keyword checker is a necessity. Many marketing experts have declared the 21st century as the era of digital marketing. The reputation of your online business is completely dependent on the google ranks of the websites. But, there are billions of web pages on the internet.

That is why it won’t be a piece of cake to appear on the first page of the google search engine result. Business organizations generally turn to the SEO service providers for assistance regarding PageRank or google rank.

The PageRank is nothing but a searching algorithm used by Google. This algorithm tries to figure out the web content of the website. With the help of this algorithm, Google can determine the number of links used in the website. All these help Google to understand the importance of a particular website.

A good google rank can improve the visibility of your website on the internet and will create trustworthiness among the potential customers. In simple words, a good google ranking boosts the flow of web traffic on your website. Because of all these reasons, the website owners try to know their website’s ranking with the help of Google rank keyword checker.

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What is a google rank keyword checker?

To improve the search engine optimization of your website, you need to feel your content with a number of keywords. These keywords should be relevant to your content and look as natural as possible on your website. The Google rank keyword checker generally scans the keywords used in your content. This tool finds out the keywords responsible for boosting the rank of the website.

The google rank keyword checker also provides the customers’ URL and position of each and every keyword. Some of the free google rank keyword checkers also show the volume per keyword. The google rank keyword checker generally refreshes the data of the keywords at the end of every month.

How can you use it properly?

The best way to use the google rank keyword checker is to use it with other tools simultaneously. The users can take the help of a backlink checker for better analysis. The free google rank checker websites also detect the backlinks used in a website. The rank checker is capable of drawing some valuable information from the online competitor’s website as well.

These sites sometimes help the candidates with SEO strategy advice as well. The search engine keyword checkers perform some content marketing roles also. If you want to successfully check google rank keywords with the aforementioned tool, you should install other SEO tools on your computer.

Free google rank keyword checkers:


The SERProbot or Search Engine Ranking Position checker is a must-have tool for every digital marketing enthusiast. This popular open-source tracking tool helps website owners to know the global keyword ranking specific to their website.


  • SERProbot asks you to select the specific search engine and GPS location.
  • The keyword ranking tool of SERProbot is pretty fast, and it shows the result within 20 seconds. However, depending on the server performance of that particular time, it can take around 2 to 3 minutes to show the result of keyword ranking.
  • It is a real-time and accurate tool for search engine rank check.
  • It allows manual keyword rank checking as well. The SERProbot gives you the option to view the result for both mobile and desktop searches.
  • The SERProbot compares the keyword ranks with that of your competitors as well.


  • The one and only downside of the SERProbot is that the keyword tracking tool does not provide any link-related ranking information.
  • While using the keyword tracking tool of SERProbot, you must want an unbiased search rank result. So, it is imperative to sign out of Google accounts, clear the browser cache, reopen your browser, etc., for better performance.


The SEOreviewtools is a highly popular keyword tracking tool, which is the amalgamation of a number of real-time SEO tools. These tools are rank checker, keyword tool, backlink checker, domain authority checker, duplicate content checker, website SEO checker, etc. This is clearly a free keyword tracking website and is ideal for beginners.


  • The SEOreviewtools also compare your website with that of your competitors. It provides a keyword ranking report of both competitor’s website and your website.
  • The SEOreviewtools generally refine your search every time.
  • The software improves your backlink profile and keeps it as natural as possible.
  • The SEOreviewtools is used by many for its high level of accuracy.
  • It provides some keyword suggestions to the users as well.


  • The SEOreviewtools is not as fast as the SERProbot.
  • Some users have complained that the SEOreviewtools are too complex. That is why it has been categorized as “just too corporate” by many.
seo review tools
SEO Review Toos


For monitoring the search performance of websites every day, there is no free tracking site better than Sitechecker. Sitechecker pro offers a free trial for a while, and after that, to avail of the services, you will have to pay some money.


  • The website of Sitechecker features a website score for your official business website.
  • The Sitechecker even suggests the keywords responsible for the search engine rank of websites.
  • The free keyword tracking tool of sitechecker displays the critical issues, warnings, and notices on the site.
  • The sitechecker provides the customers a 48 hours of moneyback guarantee.
  • The sitechecker maintains the data privacy of the business website owners.


  • Many essential services of the Sitechecker are included in premium packages. These are local rank tracking, traffic checker, site monitoring, and so on.
  • The website of Sitechecker is not too user-friendly.
site ckecker pro
Site checker pro


SEObility is mainly a search engine optimization tool that is free for up to 1000 pages. You just have to register on the site of SEObility to avail the benefits of a free account. This SEO checker is one of the most sought-after keyword tracking tools.


  • The SEObility allows the users to monitor website SEO performances at any time.
  • They provide the website ranking in a matter of seconds.
  • Their keyword checking service is quite popular. It provides the customers’ updates about keyword performance. You can get some keyword suggestions here as well.
  • The SEObility site is great for content optimization and competitor analysis as well.
  • The SEObility site gets to handle all the confidential business information of the websites as well. They help the website owners with strategizing properly also.


  • Beginners might find the site a little intimidating. They need to have some prior knowledge regarding Search Engine Optimization to handle the site of SEObility.
  • The site features a number of advanced functions.


These aforementioned keyword tracking tools can work on a number of search engines. Most of them are free in nature. If you wish to avail of some advanced services, you will have to go for the premium package of the keyword tracking tools. The keyword is the key to your website’s traffic and reputation. So, talk to your SEO provider once before you install any of these tracking tools on your computer for website improvement.

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