Tips To Properly Leverage Your Amazon SEO Campaign

The SEO approach of Amazon is quite similar to that of Google. But the only difference is that most of the searches made on Amazon are transactional. It is no surprise that most users making a search on this e-commerce platform have the intention of making a purchase. 

On the other hand, a majority of the searches made on Google are informational. Therefore, users make the search to obtain knowledge or data about a topic. Merchants try to leverage Amazon’s SEO and make their brand successful. This guide will walk you through the techniques that can be applied to optimize product listings and increase sales.

1.  Usage Of Appropriate Keywords

Finding the appropriate keywords is necessary to ensure your Amazon SEO campaign is successful. Keywords should be terms used by your target customers to search for products. Before selecting the keywords, do not forget to analyze their performance. When you run ads using the relevant keywords, your campaign becomes more successful.

It is understandable that finding the appropriate keywords can be a huge task. But the tools such as Amazon Automatic Campaigns and Sell zone can help you out. Moreover, attainable badges like Amazon’s choice and Editorial recommendations can also help in driving more traffic.

2.  Product Title And Product Description

Having a relevant product title is essential for higher rankings on Amazon searches. The title must be catchy so that the target customers find it appealing. In the product description part, relevance is highly necessary. 

The description should be informative and enable users to get an idea about the product. You should add details about colour, size, as well as shipping. Using bullets and instead of long paragraphs can make it more SEO friendly.

3.  Product Images

Have you ever bought a product from Amazon that did not seem visually appealing to you? Images of your products are one of the biggest factors influencing the purchase decision of customers. Therefore, focusing on the quality of the images is a necessity. 

Having a white background for product images can increase their visibility.

You need to click multiple pictures of the product from different angles. It is also crucial to ensure that the product does not seem too small or too big in the images. Lighting is as essential for your Amazon product images as they are for your selfies. While most products look good in natural light, some might need artificial lighting.

4.  Product Price

If your product has a higher rate than similar products of your competitors, it won’t look good for you. No one will like to pay more for products that are available at a much lower price. Thus, you should concentrate on the pricing strategy. But you have to ensure that the product is not too low-priced. 

It will create doubts regarding the quality of the product in the minds of customers. The product price comparison should be conducted before developing your pricing strategy. It will help you determine the right price for your products.

5.  Fulfilment Method

Many merchants have found that adopting Fulfillment by Amazon can positively impact product rankings. FBA refers to the service offered by Amazon in storing and shipping products. Usually, this is done by sellers. But FBA saves sellers from this task at a specific price. It also provides merchants with a variety of features. 

The features enable merchants to scale their business at a fast pace. Deciding to use Amazon FBA can turn out to be quite beneficial for you. But you will have the opportunity to decide whether you want to opt for the services or not.

6.  Product Reviews

Product reviews are quite efficient in enhancing sales. More than 90% of shoppers read customer reviews before making their purchase. Some consumers trust online reviews more than they trust reviews from friends and relatives. 

A direct link has been found between product reviews and rankings. But the number of reviews about the product doesn’t matter much. Products on the top of search results have positive reviews with broad keywords. But trying to cheat the Amazon algorithm is a waste of time.

Amazon regularly tracks fake reviews and other malpractices related to obtaining product reviews. If you get reviews from customers in exchange for money or other deals, you can get caught up in serious trouble. 

It can even lead to the suspension of your Amazon account. If you want to obtain product reviews from customers, you can communicate via email. You can kindly ask your customers to leave reviews for the products they purchase. Furthermore, sellers need to know how to deal with negative reviews.

Final Thoughts

A multitude of opportunities is available for you to increase your brand awareness through Amazon SEO. Follow this comprehensive guide to build a better presence of your brand on Amazon and generate more leads.

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