Steps to Becoming a Level 10 Google Local Guide

Google Local Guides have large importance because many people are looking for reviews about different places on Google Maps. They are authorized to write reviews, give ratings, upload photos, and much more. The more you write, the more points you get and the higher level you achieve (only if the content is relevant). There are 10 levels to becoming a Google local guide. As a Google local guide, you earn badges when you reach higher levels.

Are you fascinated by the perks and benefits of becoming a Google local guide? Do you want to try your hands on becoming one? This exclusive guide is for you to understand the importance of points and badges in becoming a Google local guide. Read further to get the details.

Google Local Guide Program

Google Local Guide Program is an activity through which Google allows its users to write reviews about the places they have been to. As a local guide, you can post ratings, write reviews, and upload photos about different places worldwide. Your reviews help the local people to understand the facts and services of the places they want to visit. These places can include any type of place or facility like tourist places, resorts, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

If you are fond of travelling and exploring the world, as a Google local guide you contribute to helping people by writing honest reviews about different places to visit. As a Google local guide, you can also edit and update the existing information about industries, businesses, and other places of attraction. There are different activities like rating, writing reviews, uploading and tagging photos and videos, responding to Q & A, checking and editing the facts, etc.

How to Become a Google Local Guide

Google Maps is one of the most widely used applications on the internet today. Many people rely on the reviews and information shared on Google. Becoming a Google local guide doesn’t require any technical knowledge or degree. It is easy to share your experience and post reviews on Google maps. You can follow the simple given below to start your journey as a Google local guide:

  • Open Google Maps through your Google account and “sign up” on the local guide sign-up page.
  • You will find a welcome video on the homepage of your local guide page. Now, you can help to make the Google community stronger with your contributions.
  • Scroll down and search the places for which you want to write a review. 
  • Click on the “Contribute” button to start making contributions and writing reviews of the known places.

How to Earn Points and Badges as a Google Local Guide

You earn points for every review you write. With a set of points earned, you jump up to the next level and badges. These badges are then displayed next to your name so that users can rely on the information you provide.

The following table shows the number of points earned based on different activities:

ActivityNumber of Points
Writing Review10
Writing a Review of 200+ Characters20
Publish a List10
Writing a Description in the List5
Check the Information1
Edit the Information5
Rate the Business1
Upload a Photo5
Upload a Video7
Add Place or Road15
Respond to Q & A3

Levels of Google Local Guide

Earlier there were only four levels of becoming a Google local guide, but now there are ten levels of becoming a Google local guide. The more points you earn, the higher levels you reach. You can also earn a badge after reaching level 4. Google never deletes these points; however, they can decrease when any of your posts are removed due to Google policies. It might take around 24 hours to update your progress as Google local guide. The increase in the points and levels makes you eligible to earn virtual rewards.

The following table shows the number of points you need to level up your growth as a Google local guide:

LevelNumber of Points
Level 10 Points
Level 215 Points
Level 375 Points
Level 4250 Points
Level 5500 Points
Level 61,500 Points
Level 75,000 Points
Level 815,000 Points
Level 950,000 Points
Level 10100,000 Points

Benefits of Becoming a Google Local Guide

Although becoming a Google local guide is a selfless contribution toward the Google community and millions of users. However, Google also allows rewards and benefits to its active members for their contributions. These rewards and benefits also depend on your level of Local guidance. 

When you reach levels higher than level 4, you become eligible to unlock many perks and benefits. Being a top-level local guide helps you to get early access to different features on Google. 


Becoming a level 10 Google local guide is not rocket science. Any active user can crack to reach the highest level. However, as a local guide on Google maps, you should keep certain things in mind. 

Don’t just focus on increasing your points and levels rather focus on providing the correct information. Make sure to add the details while writing a review because even a single review makes a difference. Your reviews help many people to plan their visits to different places. Take time to explore and understand new places before writing any review. At level 10, your reviews gain more importance. Enjoy being a part of the Google community by helping others with your active contribution.

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