Keyword Research For Bangladeshi Audiences

Have you launched your website to establish a business in Bangladesh? But, how will you reach your target audience in the country? You might have started SEO to optimize your website. A successful SEO involves a systematic approach, where keyword research plays an important role. So, you need to identify words used by Bangladeshi users to search for services and products. So, find a brief keyword research and analysis guide to make your website SEO-friendly.

Why does your Bangladeshi website’s SEO need keyword research?

Keyword study and analysis is a way to find phrases and keywords for the target audience on Google. If you want to reach local customers, you can insert the name of cities or states in Bangladesh. Thorough research helps you find high-value keywords, which helps you achieve a better rank on Google. In fact, keyword research is one of the pillars of your SEO campaign.

Understand the steps for identifying the most appropriate keywords

We have shown the most important steps for finding the right keywords for your Bangladeshi website.

Analyze your site for your keywords

To conduct keyword research, your primary step is to access your site and consider the major categories. Your main keywords should be aligned with your business goals. 

In this step, you do not need to focus on particular terminology. You may adjust the word later and understand what your website aims to do. Take some time to understand the way to generate relevant search traffic. 

While scanning your website, you can go through the content displayed on your product pages, homepage, blogs, FAQs, and mission. If you are a product seller, your keywords should be related to your products and their categories.

Use Google Search Console to check keyword data

If you already have data on Bangladesh audiences, you can analyze it. By accessing the Search Console of Google Analytics, you will find a performance section. The list created by the tool provides a comprehensive review of the most common keywords used by your target audiences. If a word or phrase performs well, you have to include it in your SEO-friendly content.

Choose tools for competitor analysis

Do your competitors have a higher rank on the organic search results? What terms and keywords are these websites targeting? Which types of content have they created? Have your competitors created long-term content? What makes their websites successful? If you have identified these details, you will be able to develop the best content strategy.

Use the best tools for competitive analysis of your website. You will also have a clear idea of the status and performance of your site. But, the keywords you need for local SEO differ from those used for macro-level SEO. So, choose the most reliable tool for macro-level keyword analysis for Bangladesh. It will enable you to understand keyword opportunities and topics most relevant to your target audience.

To make your search easier, you can rely on a website analysis tool. If you insert the website URL, you can find branded keywords. You will learn how your competitors in Bangladesh use keywords for organic ranking. Traffic data of your competitor’s website is as important as ranking data.

You have now created separate lists for keywords of your own website and your competitors’ platforms. Merge them and organize the keywords in a single file. You can then easily remove duplicate keywords from your list.

Use a keyword generation tool for finding valuable words and phrases

Whether you have a Bangladeshi website or a global platform, a keyword tool lets you get keyword suggestions. The advanced tool also gives you keyword ideas and look for synonyms. You may sort keyword suggestions based on popular queries, phrase matches, and trending keywords. Other common metrics important for your research are keyword volume, CPC, and yearly traffic status.

Besides, it is essential to consider your Bangladeshi target audiences-

Who are your audiences?

What words do they use?

Do they use mobile or desktop to search for services and products?

If you have created a comprehensive list of keywords, you can break them into categories and subcategories. Each category must have a unique keyword list.

Segment your keywords by semantic search and user intent

Based on similarities, you can divide the phrases divided into groups. Make sure that you focus on the search intent of the target users. The major intent categories are-

  • Commercial investigation
  • Informational categories
  • Navigational
  • Transactional

Short-tail and long-tail keyword analysis 

Keyword groups created for your Bangladeshi audience should have a blend of both long and short-tail keywords. Short-tail words are highly competitive and involve broader searches. On the contrary, long-tail words include more than 3 words, and they are less competitive. They are intended for more precise searches. It is better to combine these types of keywords.

While making a keyword plan for your SEO campaign in Bangladesh, you have to focus on-

  • Search volume

Evaluate the search volume of your chosen keywords. If the search volume of your keyword is competitive, it is difficult to rank for that word. If you want to develop authority, you can build content on low-volume keywords. By gaining authority, you can show the search engine that you have expertise on the topic. Besides, if you know the search volume for a keyword, you can create the best SEO strategy.

  • Organic click-through rates: 

CTR is a metric that lets you know whether there is a chance of getting clicks on the post containing the keyword.

  • Trending keywords: 

Keyword search trends are never static, and so, you should look for keywords that drive more traffic. Current events and several other factors can affect the trends.

So, these are some tips for finding the right keywords for your Bangladeshi website. If your website contains Bengali content, you can use tools that help you find Bengali keywords. Identify your target audience before searching for keywords. Place the keywords and phrases properly throughout your web content and maintain their density. It will help you find better SEO results.

To learn more get help from the best SEO expert in Bangladesh.

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