Structured Data Guideline For E-Commerce Websites

Rich snippets JSON tags, schema codes, aka structured data, are a crucial part of each SEO arsenal today. Google utilizes these codes to read and identify your text. 

The search engine works hard to read and understand any text typed. Using structured data simplifies Google’s job and makes text identification simpler. Implementing this data for eCommerce websites is vital. It is because Google uses many resources to invade and understand huge websites that have variable content across different pages. 

Apart from this, structured data can also be very chaotic for marketers. Thus, we have created this article to give you perfect assistance with structured data for E-commerce websites. It also includes different tips and add-ons to make the work simpler. 

So, if you want a simplified guide on structured data, then keep scrolling further. The article has every bit of information about the format and its function. 

What does structured data mean?

Using a JSON or Schema markup ends up in a “rich google outcome,” this term can also be referred to as a “rich snippet.”

Structured data is the use of tiny schema codes. This code helps in giving Google more contextual data about your E-commerce site. 

Why should you use structured data for an E-commerce site?

eCommerce sites have an enormous amount of data across their pages, and this information can be easily misinterpreted or abandoned if it is not highlighted to Google well. 

Consider a website that offers multiple brands. So, how will google differentiate between some common possibilities on such a site? Here schema codes come into play. They are simple basic codes that help deliver contextual data about your firm and your products to Google. 

What are the perks of using structured data for your eCommerce website?

The improved click rate in the search outcomes can determine the direct success rate of structured data. Further, it must also ensure that your products are being displayed for the right terms. 

So, using this format and codes, Google can now pull in exact product ratings, price, and availability and boost your overall SERPs level. Some key benefits of using these codes for your firm are: 

·         Boosts overall brand awareness

The Knowledge Graph is a massive data box on Google’s search engine. This box provides a firm lift to your online presence with the Schema Markup. It permits users to locate vital information about firms, comprising contact info and more. Further, all of this can be available without even visiting the site. Moreover, it also displays links to your firm’s social profiles on different platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. 

·         Offers a short preview of your content

Another highlight of using Structured Data is to offer valuable data to viewers about a website’s content. It offers data with eye-catching visuals to instantly attract a visitor’s attention. Using the structured data markup, you display your site’s content using rich snippets on the search engine. 

·         Excellent CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

The Schema codes help in using rich snippets and growing your online presence in the SERPs. Thus, this further helps in improving the overall SERPs and gives you a better response. 

How can you effectively use structured data for your website?

To use structured data effectively, you must first be familiar with certain terms. Keep reading to discover the most influential methods of using these codes. 

1.      Know the type

There are three chief types of structured data available; JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata, as JSON-LD is one of the highly recommended types we suggest using for your e-commerce business.

Thus, before starting, know your site’s needs and finalize the type of structured data you want to use to avoid confusion and chaos. 

2.      Common Schema Terms

You cannot get away without knowing these terms. Also, take a little time and learn them for quicker and smoother operations. 

i) Itemscope: It is a common schema term used today. This code helps in organizing your data according to category or topic.

Altogether, it informs the search engines that the content made with the itemscope tag is on a similar topic. You can think of it as labelling your content into specific topics. 

ii) Item type: This term helps in categorizing your content even further. The itemscope tells the search engine that your content is about a specific item. Further, it also tells the search engine what item the content is about.   

iii) Itemprop: This helps in defining certain properties about an item or product. In short, it communicates more detailed information about the product or item. 

3.      Google’s guidelines

Google has a set of rules that one must seek before working on structured data. It’s vital to note all of these while using the schema markup.

The primary purpose of using structured data is to present your content smartly and attractively. Thus, help your search engine and see how your visibility boosts in no time. 


Noting these guidelines will help you work on structured data effectively. Take all tips and make your e-commerce firm a success. Using them will certainly give you positive outcomes and apt results while working for your website.

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