Top five white hat SEO practices

Have you launched a well-designed website for your business? But, it is really frustrating if search engines do not crawl your website. You may find that search results have not displayed your site. It happens if your website is not properly optimized. So, optimizing your site with the best white-hat techniques is crucial. It will double or triple your website traffic.

Before talking about strategies, it is essential to know the importance of ethical or white-hat SEO techniques. According to Google’s guidelines, webmasters should not implement unethical or black-hat SEO practices, such as keyword stuffing or website comment spamming. Although black-hat SEO boosts your website’s rank within a short period, the result does not last long. Search engines like Google will ban your site. Ultimately, there will be a significant drop in website traffic. Your business will also lose its reputation. So, let us now talk about the best 5 white-hat SEO tactics.

Highly effective content marketing

As per a report, 51% of respondents claimed that it is not easy to draw an audience’s audience without quality content. Content is the most significant ranking factor for your site. If you publish the content strategically, you will find a better SEO ranking.

Content marketing should be a part of your SEO campaign. Remember that over-optimizing the existing content will have an adverse effect on your ranking. But, you can add considerable value to your site with content marketing. In fact, Google always prefers fresh and updated content. Newly published website content or blog will quickly get indexed and help you with improved ranking.

You can create different types of relevant content, including 

  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • SlideShare presentations
  • Videos

Innovative content is always useful and enjoyable. Create your marketing plan to promote the content.

Develop a mobile-friendly website

Creating a mobile-friendly website is another white-hat SEO strategy. Mobile-friendliness is a ranking signal, as search engine’s algorithms identify whether the searcher is a mobile user. As Google announced its mobile-first indexing approach, you should make your website mobile-friendly. 

There are various ways to ensure the mobile-friendliness of a website. For instance, you should avoid using plugins like Java and Flash. Many mobile browsers are not compatible with these technologies. Moreover, the font size should be readable to mobile users. Besides, your webpages layout must be vertical, and the home button needs to be large.

If you have already created a site, you can hire SEO professionals to check mobile-friendliness. They will provide a detailed Mobile Usability Report and optimize your site accordingly.

Use rich snippets

Rich snippets are Google Search results enhanced with additional data or functionality. These rich results add visual interest, more information, and greater utility for searchers.

Rich snippets are search results improved with additional information. Although they do not directly influence your website’s ranking, they help you with SEO. When searchers find snippets in the result, they have a clear idea of the content.

Snippets make your SEO campaign more effective in various ways.

  • Gain more attention from users- Snippets on search engines with extra information easily attract user’s attention. It helps webmasters differentiate the website from other sites in the search results.
  • Stronger relevance- As rich snippets provide relevant, additional details, there is a high chance of getting clicked. If the bot finds the search for a particular term is relevant to a topic, you will find better outcomes.
  • Websites with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)- If you have enabled AMP on your site, the structured data will improve its content and display.

Start a backlinking campaign-

Backlinking is a good SEO strategy that helps you generate a high volume of traffic and boost your site’s authority. By developing quality backlinks, your content will gain high authority. Besides, Google will consider you an expert in your niche. It will reward you by displaying your site on the first page.

However, you should avoid inserting spammy links into the content. It is highly important as Google evaluates the content and checks the link’s authority. If it has detected any spammy links in your content, it will penalize you.

However, backlinks are of different types- no-follow and do-follow. Do-follow backlinks are highly valuable because they improve your website authority. Search engines are able to follow these links. On the other hand, no-follow backlinks cannot pass authority or link juice from one site to another. Although no-follow links cannot influence SEO directly, they can drink web traffic and improve visibility.

You can apply different techniques to gain backlinks. While publishing guest articles to third-party websites, you may attach a hyperlink to your website. Webinars also provide valuable information for websites to link to. Many websites place webinars on pages to link to your site. It helps you obtain high-quality backlinks.

Managing on-page SEO activities

To ensure proper indexing, search engines want to relate your website pages to search terms or keywords used by your searchers. That is why you should never overlook on-page SEO elements for your campaign. A white-hat SEO expert focuses on different on-page optimization techniques.

On-page SEO involves posting well-researched and useful content. Besides, you should optimize meta descriptions and page titles as a part of your SEO campaign. The SEO-friendly page title should start with keywords.

The content and headings need proper formatting to make them SEO-friendly. Every page should have an H1 tag. Besides, the size of images, videos, and other multimedia files should be compressed to prevent the page loading issue.

Even your page URLs must be SEO-friendly. The best URL size is not higher than 255 characters. Your URL structure needs to resemble your website’s structure.

However, the most significant step for on-page SEO is to optimize the on-site content. With the right keywords, you can make your website content SEO-friendly 


White-hat SEO strategies do not deliver the result overnight. It takes time to show the desired outcome. You can hire a white-hat SEO expert to apply various ethical tactics and avoid penalties. You will find a significant improvement in web traffic.

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