Best SEO Consultant in Bangladesh

Top SEO Consultant in Bangladesh Are you searching for the best SEO consultant in Bangladesh who can take your online presence to new heights? Look no further because Nashid Bashar is the go-to expert you’ve been seeking. With over ten years of experience in the field, Nashid has established himself as the top SEO specialist … Read More

SEO professional's salary in Bangladesh

SEO professional’s salary in Bangladesh

Have you thought of mastering the technique of promoting a business in the digital world? Many candidates are interested in learning Search Engine Optimization strategies to work as SEO professionals. In fact, without SEO, no business website can reach its potential customers in the online world. So, if you are looking for a lucrative career … Read More

SEO Jobs and Salary in Bangladesh

SEO Jobs in Bangladesh

From my experience, the types of SEO jobs available in Bangladesh are within marketing. SEO experts are those who study and master search engine algorithms. They study the facts and rules behind search engine results. With this information, they work to earn money by helping clients put their page on search engine results.  The majority … Read More

SEO Trends To Watch Out For Bangladeshi SEOs

SEO Trends To Watch Out For Bangladeshi SEOs

Every year marketers try to strategize their investments and look for top-performing channels. However, SEO always gains a top priority for businesses in Bangladesh. Google regularly updates its algorithms to provide a better user experience.  So, SEO is the most dynamic digital marketing field. Marketers have to analyze SEO trends in the country. It is … Read More

SEO Challenges in Bangladesh

SEO Challenges in Bangladesh

There are two main types of SEO challenges in Bangladesh they are content-related and technological. To increase organic traffic, website owners must abide by SEO best practices. However, for the majority of Bangladeshi enterprises, the process has always been difficult. We’ll be talking about some of the major SEO problems that Bangladeshi local businesses deal … Read More

Understanding The Bangladesh Search Engine Market

Understanding The Bangladesh Search Engine Market

Google holds the top position as the search engine in most countries, including Bangladesh. According to the latest statistical data, the search market share of Google in this country is 98.3%. The second most regularly used search engine is Bing (3.42%). Other commonly chosen engines are DuckDuck Go and Naver. However, Bangladesh has introduced its own search … Read More

Keyword research for Bangladesh audience

Keyword Research For Bangladeshi Audiences

Have you launched your website to establish a business in Bangladesh? But, how will you reach your target audience in the country? You might have started SEO to optimize your website. A successful SEO involves a systematic approach, where keyword research plays an important role. So, you need to identify words used by Bangladeshi users … Read More